When thinking of role players who can help in a move towards more cycling, employers may not be the first party that comes to mind. They are, however, arguably the most important allies in a campaign for healthier living. Employers can not only encourage cycling among their employees, they can be a powerful voice calling for provision of infrastructure for cycling in the towns where they operate.

And it’s well worth your while, as an employer, to have as many employees cycling as possible. The benefits to you are well known.

The most obvious step you can take is to participate in the Bike to Work scheme, but there is so much more you can do:

  • Make sure there is adequate bike parking.
  • Regularly remind staff to put cyclists’ safety first when driving on your premises. Put up signs to that effect. Make your support for cycling visible and prominent.
  • Guarantee a ride home to any cycling employee in the case of illness or inclement weather.
  • Provide shower facilities for staff on your premises, and ensure it is well maintained and pleasant to use.
  • Incentivise cycling with fun competitions between departments, or a bonus for a certain number of commutes by bike.
  • Implement a bicycle sharing scheme.
  • Use cycle couriers where possible.

There are likely more ways you can encourage cycling among your employees, in your specific circumstances. Why not make one of your employees cycling officer, preferably someone who already cycles to work, and therefore has some understanding of the cycle commuter’s needs? Perhaps survey your staff to find out what incentives might move them from driving to pedalling. It will be worth your while.