Minutes of meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance

1st February 2012

1/ Attendance

Fiona, Ollan, Tony and Liam with apologies from Garret and Mary.

2/ Minutes.

Tony proposed and Fiona seconded the adoption of the minutes of the last meeting that were adopted and signed by Liam.

3/ Matters Arising

Letters arising form the previous meeting were sent to the local papers and Tony noted that some of them had been printed.

4/ Correspondence.

There was no correspondence.

5/ Finance.

Fiona confirmed that €150 had been lodged in to the DCA account. Tony proposed and Liam seconded a vote of thanks to Ollan for his contribution of €150.

6/ Website.

Tony Gave a report on the updating of the DCA website.

7/ Dundalk Cycle Lanes

The members discussed ways of easing the temporary disruption of the traffic near the recently constructed cycle lanes. Ollan will take the ideas on the congestion to the Town Engineer. Tony will draft a letter to the papers in relation to the recent congestion. Ollan outlined developments related to walkers and cyclists on the Castleblaney road and listed areas where work was going on in constructing cycle lanes.

8/ AOB

Ollan advised that he had resigned from the Dundalk Town Council. Liam agreed to seek an appointment to a subcommittee of the local authority on behalf of the environmental lobby.

10/ Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in Liam’s house from 8:00 to 9:30 on Wednesday 7th March 2012.

Liam Kieran

Chair of the DCA