Minutes of meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance

27th January 2010

1/            Attendance

Liam, Tony, Fiona



2/            Minutes

Tony proposed and Fiona seconded the adoption of the minutes of December 2009 meeting.

3/            Matters Arising.

Due to the weather conditions the meetings with Tesco and Mr D Aherne TD were postponed until February. Liam will arrange the dates for these meetings and advise members attending them.

Tony presented a draft of a survey sheet to evaluate facilities for cyclists at public places in Dundalk.  This draft will be altered in the light of comments from the members  and the revised draft will be available for the February meeting.

4/            Website.

Recent minutes of meetings will be added to the website.

A sample of  the scoring system for facilities for cyclists will be posted.

5/         A.O.B.

Tony outlined the contents of the draft of the National Cycle manual produced by the national transport authority.

6/         Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday  17th February 2010  from 8:00 to 9:30 in Liam’s house.

Liam Kieran