Minutes of meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance

25th July 2012
Ollan, Tony, Pat and Liam with apologies from Garret, Fiona, Nadia and Mary.
Ollan proposed and Tony seconded the adoption of the minutes of the last meeting that were adopted and signed by Liam.
3/Matters Arising
Tony will write to the press about how the lack of segregated cycle lanes puts him in danger.
Ollan read a letter to the consultants. It outlined ways in which the cycle lanes could be adapted to meet objections but not undermine the cycle lane network.
There have been no changes to the finance this month.
Tony will change some of the photographs on the website and delete correspondence that is no longer relevant.
7/Cooley Cycle Lanes
The group to promote cycle lanes in Cooley will convene in October 2012.
8/ Nadia’s Submission
Nadia’s submission will be on the agenda for the August 2012 meeting.
9/Transport and Strategic Policy Committee
Liam gave a summary of his earlier report on two meetings of the Transport and Strategic Policy Committee.
Liam will write letters on the health benefits from cycle lanes and pass them on to Nadia for e-mailing to the press.
11/Dundalk Cycle lanes
The members reviewed the cycle lanes in Dundalk.
12/A. O. B.
Ollan read a letter he wrote to John Oakes about why many parents are reluctant to allow children cycle to school. This letter will be given to the members of the DCA to enable them to use its arguments in promoting the value of cycle lanes.
10/Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held in Liam’s house from 8:00 to 9:30 on Wednesday 22nd August 2012.
Liam Kieran
Chair of the DCA