Minutes of the meeting of the

Dundalk Cycling Alliance

28th August 2019

1/         Attendance

  • Tony, Pat M, Ollan, Fiona, Magarett Harold and Padraic McKevitt with apologies from Laim.

2/         Extraordinary meeting

  • As this was an extraordinary meeting of the DCA held in Carlingford the normal agenda was postponed until the next meeting.
  • In Liam’s absence it was agreed that Tony should chair the meeting.

3/         Great Eastern Greenway Extension – Cooley Cycle Lane Carlingford to Dundalk and Drogheda

  • To explain the vision of the DCA for cycleways in the Louth area our video presentation was shown. It was well received and discussed.

4/         Great Eastern Greenway Newry to Carlingford.

Ø  Extensive discussions were held on this topic.

Ø  The residents of Carlingford have made their views known to Louth CoCo regarding how the Cycleway should approach and enter Carlingford. Unfortunately it is their opinion that Louth CoCo is ignoring their views.

5/         Next DCA Carlingford Meeting

  • It was proposed and agreed that there should be an annual meeting of this group.

6/         Next meeting of the DCA

  • The next meeting will be held on
    • Wednesday 2nd October 2019
    • Liam’s house.
    • From 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.

Tony Lennon Acting Chair DCA.