Draft Minutes of the meeting of the

Dundalk Cycling Alliance

2nd February 2023

1/         Attendance

  • Liam, Tony, Pat Mulholland, Ollan, Pat Kilboy and Sean.

2/         Minutes

Minutes of the last meeting were dispensed with because of the length of time since the last meeting in Feb 2020.

3/         Welcome

  • The new member, Dr Sean Owens was welcomed.

4/         Sympathy

  • A vote of sympathy to Fiona was posted on her recent illness.

5/         Website

  • Tony advised that the website was now up and running and that hosting costs had been paid by Liam. Liam will have to be reimbursed as soon as Fiona can accompany him to the Credit Union.
  • Sean suggested that he would setup a Twitter account on behalf of the DCA. He will laisse with Tony about it.

6/         Great Eastern Greenway Extension

  • The Great Eastern Greenway will be discussed at the next meeting.

7/         Dundalk Cycle Lanes.

Ø  Ollan and Liam reported on their meeting with four officers of the Louth Co. Council.

Ø  Within the next three years Dundalk will have a segregated cycle lane network along the lines suggested by Ollan and Liam to Louth CoCo nineteen years ago.


9/         AOB

  • There was no AOB.

6/         Next meeting of the DCA

  • The next meeting will be held on
    • Wednesday 3rd May 2023
    • Liam’s house.
    • From 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.

Liam Kieran

Chair DCA.

Agenda for meeting on 3th May 2023

1/         Attendance:

2/         Minutes:

3/         Matters arising:

4/         Correspondence:

5/         Finance:

6/         Website:

7/         Twitter Account:

7/         Great Eastern Greenway Extension:

8/         Dundalk Cycle Lanes:

9/         AOB:

10/       The next meeting will be : Wednesday ——————-

 in Liam’s home from 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.