1/       Attendance:        

Laim, Tony, Ollan, Pat K, Sorcha and John. Apologies form Sean.

2/       Minutes:    

The minutes of the November meeting were read. Proposed by Pat K and seconded by Ollan.

3/       Matters arising:  


4/       Correspondence:


5/       Finance:    

Laim and Pat to arrange a time to go to the Credit Union.

6/       Website:    

Tony reported that he had made changes to the front page and had added articles from Sean.

7/       Twitter Account:

Sean not available for a report.

8/       Rural Cycling Lanes:

8.1/      Great Eastern Greenway Extension.

Tony reported that the Omeath to the border Greenway looked finished with signage in place however builder’s fences were still blocking the entrance. People have been seen walking on this section of the Greenway. The Northern section from the border to Victoria Lock is far from complete. The dry land sections’ foundations are in place however the interconnecting boardwalks do not appear to have been started.

8.2/      Review of National cycling Network Plan Report 2023.

  • Tony read and discussed the cover letter from Pat O’Rourke. He noted the question from Cllr. Michelle Hall and the reply stating that the Dundalk to Drogheda Greenway was part of the National Cycle Network however there was no funding available at this time.
  • Tony summarised the National Cycle Network Plan Summary Report.
  • Tony summarised the National Cycle Network Plan Report 2023.
    • The report consists of 1107 pages.
    • The report is very detailed and very heavily biased towards the environmental impact.
    • The NCN connects 200 population centres of more than 5000 people.
    • In total 3,500 km consisting of existing 400 km, planed 900 km and remaining 2,200 km.
    • Different quality of infrastructure will be used as appropriate.
    • Phase 1 (2023 – 2025) 330 km currently under construction.
    • Phase 2 (2026 – 2030) 660 km anticipated seeking planning consent before 2025.
    • Phase 3 (2031 – 2040) 2,510 km.
    • Environmental Assessment includes the Natura 2000 sites report.
    • A copy of the 4 km corridors for the cycle routes was handed around.
    • Corridor 90 – Newry to Dundalk Option B, the costal route is the preferred option.
    • Corridor 83 – Dundalk to Drogheda Option C, the costal route is the preferred option.
    • The environmental assessments for both these routes were handed around.
  • Tony’s concerns:
    • The Newry to Dundalk route only started the planning process in 2023 and the planning process is due to be complete in Q4 2026 i.e. this will be a Phase 3 project and hence doubts over financing. Hopefully the construction will start in 2027?
    • The Dundalk to Drogheda route will not be seeking planning permission soon and that no work is being planned to progress this at the moment. It is expected that the council will delay by say another 2 years then construction will start on the Dundalk to Drogheda route until 2030 and available to use in 2032?

9/       Urban Cycle Lanes:

            There was no discussion on Dundalk Urban Lanes.

9.1/      Proposal 1/     First Generation 4 Wheel Pedal Assist cargo bike.

            Olan explained the background to this proposal.

9.2/      Proposal 2/     Struvite machine for human urine.

Olan explained the background to this proposal.

10/     AOB: 

10.1/    Irish Cycling Campaign.

            Tony reminded everybody that an email had been forwarded regarding individual membership.

10.2/    Cycling Ireland membership:

            Don’t forget to renew your Cycling Ireland membership – Insurance benefits.

10.3/    Louth Disability Cycling Club:

Pat K discussed the cycling club and asked for volunteers. It was further agreed that Pat would act as the voice of this club in the DCA.

10.4/    DCA Manifesto 2024:

Sean had circulated a proposed manifesto which Tony read. However in Sean’s absence it was propose to postpone it’s discussion to the next meeting.

11/     The next meeting will be:

Date    Wednesday 24th April 2024.

            Place    Liam’s home.

Time    20:00 to 21:30 hrs.