Minutes of the meeting of the

Dundalk Cycling Alliance

20th October 2019

1/         Attendance

  • Laim, Tony, Pat K and Pat M.

2/         Minutes

            The minutes of the meeting of 28th Aug 2019 were read and approved:

                        Proposed         Tony

                        Seconded        Pat M

Signed             Liam

3/         Matters Arising

  • Pat M and Tony gave a full account of the meeting in Carlingford.
  • Liam thanked Tony for giving the presentation to the meeting in Carlingford.
  • By unanimous agreement the members decided to retain the existing name of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance.

4/         Correspondence

  • There was no correspondence.

5/         Website

  • There was no change to the website.

6/         Climate Change

  • Pat M and Ollan will issue a statement to the press on Climate Change.

7/         Great Eastern Greenway Extension

  • There have been no recent developments.

8/         Dundalk Cycle Lanes.

Ø  Pat K and Liam will see two schools about cycle routes from them to residential areas.


9/         AOB

  • There was no AOB.

6/         Next meeting of the DCA

  • The next meeting will be held on
    • Wednesday 13th November 2019
    • Liam’s house.
    • From 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.

Liam Kieran Chair DCA.