Minutes of meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance

7th April 2010

1/            Attendance

Liam, Tony, Fiona, Ollan



2/            Minutes

Tony proposed and Fiona seconded the adoption of the minutes of March 2010 meeting.

3/            Matters Arising.

Matters arising are covered by items on the agenda.

4/            Correspondence.

Liam read a letter to seek funds and another to the Town Engineer on improving buss services in Dundalk.

5/            Scholars Route.

Ollan and Liam described the work they did in walking out a route to be taken by cycle lanes to link housing estates to DkIT, all local post primary schools and some primary schools. This route would minimise inconvenience to business and residents and keep costs down.

6/         Cooley Route.

Fiona described the work she had done in working out an alternative cycling route closely following the track of the disused railway.

7/            Website.

Tony said that he had paid the €70 due on the website. 

8/            Meeting with TD.

Liam said that Mr Dermot Aherne TD was not available to meet him and Nicholas until after 18/4/2010.

9/         Bids.

There were no further developments to report in relation to the bids for funding for cycle routes from the Dept of transport.

10/            Finance

 Fiona was proposed as treasurer and seconded by Ollan.

11/       A.O.B.

Ollan outlined what he did on the Strategic Policy Committee and took advice on his future contributions to that body.

9/         Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday  5th May 2010  from 8:00 to 9:30 in Liam’s house.

 Liam Kieran