Minutes of meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance

24th March 2010

1/            Attendance

Liam, Tony, Ollan, Nicholas





2/            Minutes

Ollan proposed and Nicholas seconded the adoption of the minutes of February 2010 meeting.


3/            Matters Arising.

Matters arising are covered by items on the agenda.


4/            Website.

Tony said that he would pay the €80 due on the website and he would be recompensed later by the DCA. He proposed and Nicholas seconded that Liam write requesting sponsorship for €200. The €80 due to Tony will come from this €200. 

5/         Bids.

Tony advised that Catherine Duff is now working full time on the bids for the Department of Transport funding which will cover infrastructure for cycling that the decision on the main bid will be known in mid June. Ollan outlined his meetings on connection with the bids. Ollan and Liam will trace out the cycle lane routes of value to schools on 3/3/2010.


6/         Survey

Tony described the survey on the facilities for cyclists at DkIT which he carried out.


7/         Cooley Route

Ollan described the tourist cycle lane route around Cooley which he and Garrett prepared. Liam suggested that he and others would work out an alternative route sticking more closely to the path of the former railway line. Both routes will be than submitted to the relevant funding authorities.


8/         A.O.B.

There was no A. O. B.


9/         Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday  7th April 2010  from 8:00 to 9:30 in Liam’s house.


Liam Kieran