Minutes of the meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance

9th July 2014

1/         Attendance

  • Tony, Nadia, Fiona, Pat, and Laim. With apologies from Ollan

2/         Minutes

The minutes of the 16th June 2014 meeting were read. Fiona proposed and Pat seconded their adoption. They were duly adopted and signed.

3/         Matters arising

3.1       Pat confirmed that he had sent details of local cycle routes to S Roach in the Dundalk Tourist office and arranged that he and Liam would visit that office tomorrow.

3.2       Fiona said that she would contact Ollan about the letters to be sent to the councillors.

4/         Website

  • There was a discussion regarding the maintenance of the DCA site.
  • The members congratulated Nadia on the excellent videos that she had produced for the web site.

5/         Finance

  • There were no changes to the finances. The amount in the accounts was stated at the meeting.

6/         Membership of the Zero Waste Alliance.

  • Liam will contact Ollan about the Zero Waste Alliance.

7/         Dundalk Cycle Lanes

  • Liam will contact Padraig O’Hora of the Louth Co. Council about signage and a map of Dundalk Cycle lanes and give him a CD containing the Presentation of the Eastern Greenway and the maps and signage that the DCA has prepared.

8/         Cooley Cycle Routes

  • Tony outlined the conversation that he had with the ROW officer in the N&MDC and the funds that they are hoping to access in relation to consultancy work in preparation for the Middle Bank Cycle Lane from Newry to Victoria Lock.
  • The members thanked Tony for his liaison work with the M&NDC.
  • Liam said that he would find out the officials name who had details of the plans in relation to cycle lanes south of Dundalk and pass it on to Tony.

9/         AOB

There was no AOB.

10/       Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th August 2014 in Liam’s home from 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.


Liam Kieran

Chair DCA.