Minutes of meeting of the

Dundalk Cycling Alliance

22nd August 2012


Ollan, Tony, Pat, Liam, Fiona and Nadia.


Tony proposed and Pat seconded the adoption of the minutes of the last meeting that were adopted and signed by Liam.

3/Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


There was no correspondence.


There have been no changes to the finance this month.


Tony will change some of the photographs on the website and delete correspondence that is no longer relevant on the advice of Ollan.

7/Cooley Cycle Lanes

Liam said

7.1/That he will contact people to join the subcommittee to lobby for cycle lanes in Cooley.

7.2/That the subcommittee will convene in October 2012. Pat, Fiona, Tony and Liam agreed to join the subcommittee.

8/Nadia’s Submission

Nadia submitted a set of proposals as follows:

8.1/ That the DCA listen to the grievances voiced by the business.

8.2/ That research be undertaken to win more public support for cycle lanes.

8.3/ Cycle lanes be used to market the tourist potential of Dundalk.

8.4/ That the reasons why people do not cycle be addressed.

8.5/ That a cycling train to school be started.

9/Transport and Strategic Policy Committee

Liam noted that no meeting of this policy committee had been held since his last report.


Nadia read a document “The cost of driving your child to school”. She will write letters to the media based on this document.

11/Dundalk Cycle lanes

The Dundalk cycle lanes were covered earlier in the meeting.

12/A. O. B.

There was no AOB.

13/Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in Liam’s house from 8:00 to 9:30 on Wednesday 3rd October 2012.

Liam Kieran

Chair of the DCA