Minutes of meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance
3rd April 2013

Tony, Liam, Pat and Fiona.

Fiona proposed and Tony seconded the adoption of the minutes of the last meeting that were adopted and signed by Liam.

3/Matters Arising
Liam  said  that  he  postponed  his  interview  on  the  radio  because  it  would  be  ineffective  while  the weather was abnormally cold.

Tony advised that he had updated the website.

Fiona advised that there was no change in relation to finance.

6/ Cooley  Cycle Lanes
Tony will contact the N&MDC to see if any progress has been made.

7/ Dundalk  Cycle Lanes
The meeting discussed ways if promoting more use of the existing cycle lanes in Dundalk. For this purpose  Liam  will see  about  using  civics  classes  in schools as a  way  to  make  pupils  aware  of  the benefits  to  health  from  cycling  to  school.  Lain  will  also  write  to  the  Town  Council  to  express appreciation for the way it maintains the cycle lanes.

Liam read the letter he sent to the Town Clerk to acknowledge  what they had  done  for Dundalk in providing the town with a cycle lane network.

Pat advised that a farmer told him that farmers with land on the Western Greenway were not liable for accidents on it.

10/ Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held in Liam’s house from 8:00 to 9:30 on Wednesday 1st May 2013.

Liam Kieran
Chair of the DCA