Minutes of the meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance

27th May 2014

1/         Attendance

Liam, Tony, Fiona, Pat, Nadia and Ollan.

2/         Minutes

The minutes of the 9th April 2014 meeting were read. Tony proposed and Ollan seconded their adoption. They were duly adopted and signed.

3/         Matters arising

All matters arising will be covered in the agenda.

4/         Seminar

  • Ollan and Fiona gave reports on the seminar that they had attended on behalf of the DCA.
  • Tony Will contact a representative of Sustrans.
  • Ollan will supply details of the official of the Department of Transport who attended the seminar with the intention of strengthening our DoT links.

5/         Website

Nadia offered to prepare a video for the website.

6/         Finance

  • There were no changes to the finances.
  • Ollan and Nadia will contact the councillors for a contribution to the DCA.

7/         Signage

  • Tony presented a map of the Dundalk Cycle Lanes in the style of London Tube Map.
  • The DCA thanked Tony for his work in devising the map and the accompanying signage.

8/         Cycle Routes

            Pat and Liam will call to Bord Fáilte office in Dundalk to request that Bord Fáilte publish a series of cycle route maps in Louth. Pat has prepared two samples of cycle trips.

9/         Press Release

Liam will prepare a press release at the time of the opening of the Greer’s Quay phase of the Cooley Cycle Route.

10/       AOB

The was no AOB.

11/       Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th June 2014 in Liam’s home from 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.


Liam Keiran

Chair DCA.