Minutes of the meeting of the

Dundalk Cycling Alliance

17th July 2019

1/         Attendance

  • Tony, Liam, Pat M, Pat K and Ollan with apologies from Fiona.

2/         Minutes

  • The minutes of the June 2019 meeting were read.
    • Ollan proposed and
    • Pat M seconded their adoption.
    • They were duly adopted and signed.

3/         Matters arising

  • Tony clarified the position regarding the Councillor.
  • He outlined his response on proposed climate change strategy which he forwarded to the council.

4/         Correspondence

  • The sole item was Tony’s email re climate change.

5/         Finance

  • There was no finance report at this meeting.

6/         Website.

  • There was no change.

7/         Great Eastern Greenway Extension – Cooley Cycle Lane

  • The next meeting will be held in Carlingford. Padraig will arrange the date and place.
  • Tony will give an audio visual presentation at the meeting.
  • The meeting will be open to the public and follow the format of the one held in the Clermont in Blackrock.

8/         Dundalk Cycle Lanes

Ø  Ollan expressed his disappointment at the slow pace of urban cycle lane development in Dundalk.

Ø  Pat K and Liam will approach the secondary schools in Dundalk and ask their transition year students to:

o   Work out a route connecting their school to an area where many of the pupils live.

o   Inform their local councillors about their view to obtaining council support for providing the cycle lanes the pupils are advocating.

Ø  One of the members of the DCA will be asked to do some work on local radio on relation to Dundalk Cycle Lanes. 

9/         AOB

  • Ollan and Pat M will write to the Irish Times regarding the Governments proposal on Climate Change.

10/       Next meeting

  • The next meeting will be held on
    • Wednesday 28th August 2019
    • Carlingford Old Railway Station.
    • From 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.

Liam Keeran

Chair DCA.