Minutes of the meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance

16th June 2014

1/         Attendance

  • Tony, Fiona, Pat, and Ollan. With apologies from Laim
  • It was decided that Tony would chair the meeting.

2/         Minutes

The minutes of the 27th May 2014 meeting were read. Ollan proposed and Pat seconded their adoption. They were duly adopted and signed.

3/         Matters arising

3.1          Ollan will produce the first draft of the letter to the councillors which Fiona will forward to them.

3.2          Tony reported that he had contacted Sustrans.

3.3          It was decided that Tony would contact the N & MDC to find the status of the joint application for funding for the Middle Bank Cycle Way.

3.3          Ollan to contact the appropriate people in the new Louth CoCo organisation regarding the status of the joint application.

3.4          When we have the necessary information we will consider contacting Sustrans again.

3.5          Ollan to follow up with the DoT.

4/         Website

  • There was no change.
  • A discussion was held on the use of the hit counter, and how to raise our profile.

5/         Finance

  • There were no changes to the finances.

6/         Membership of the Zero Waste Alliance.

  • The DCA has nominated Ollan to open discussion with the Zero Waste Alliance to explore our mutual benefit.
  • The transport committee will be put on the next agenda.

7/         Dundalk Cycle Routes

  • Pat and Liam met with Sinead Roach of an Bord Fáilte here in Dundalk – She was very interested in the proposals for typed cycling tourist routes in Louth. Pat will send her an email with the electronic versions of the two samples of cycle trips.
  • Ollan contacted Agenda 21 re signage and copied the necessary people in Louth CoCo. regarding the promotion of sustainably and the use of the signage as designed by Tony.

The meeting thanked Olan for his action in this matter.

8/         Cooley Cycle Routes

  • The Cycle lane between Omeath and Carlingford should open during July however there are few delays in the finalisation of the works.
  • Tony to burn a copy of his last presentation and give it to Ollan
  • Ollan to send Pauraic O’Hora copies of previous communications regarding our work on the Cooley cycle route.
  • We should try and find out what plans have already been prepared for the southern end of the Great Eastern Cycle way.

9/         AOB

There was no AOB.

10/       Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 9th July 2014 in Liam’s home from 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.


Liam Keiran

Chair DCA.