Minutes of the meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance

19th November 2014

1/         Attendance

  • Tony, Fiona, Ollan Pat and Laim. With apologies from Nadia.

2/         Minutes

The minutes of the 15th Oct 2014 meeting were read. Ollan proposed and Fiona seconded their adoption. They were duly adopted and signed.

3/         Matters arising

  • Ollan asked for a change to the agenda which was accepted.

4/         S.P.C.

  • Ollan will be on the Planning and Infrastructure Subcommittee of the LCC.
  • Padraig McKevitt will be on the Transport and Cross Border Matters Strategic Policy Sub Committee.

 5/         Dublin Cycling.ie

  • Ollan gave a report on the meeting of the Dublin Cycling.ie which he attended.

 6/         Louth Cycling Forum

  • Tony proposed and Pat seconded that Liam represents the DCA on the Louth Cycling Forum, if it is established and if the DCA is invited to send a representative.

 7/         Co. Louth Development Plan

  • Ollan outlined a draft of his submission to the LCC in relation to the Louth County Development plan.

 8/         Agenda 21

  • Ollan described what Agenda 21 may do.

 9/         Website

  • Tony reported that there was no change on the website.

10/       Finance

  • Fiona paid €34.80 to Ollan on the proposal of Liam, seconded by Pat the payment of covered Ollan’s expenses for attending the meeting in Dublin of Cycling.ie.

 11/       Dundalk Cycle Lanes

  • Ollans Submission on the County Devolvement Plan will address the needs of the Dundalk Cycle Lane network.

12/       Cooley Cycle Routes

  • Tony reported on his conversations with the RoW officer of the M&NDC outlining the progress the M&NDC is making on preparations for the work on the Newry Canal Centre Bank project.

13/       AOB

  • Padraig Mc Kevitt will be invited to the next meeting of the DCA.

14/       Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 10th December 2014 in Liam’s home from 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.


Liam Kieran

Chair DCA.