Minutes of meeting of the Dundalk Cycling Alliance
11th April 2012
Fiona, Ollan, Tony, Pat, Nadia and Liam with apologies from Garret and Mary.
2/ New Members
Liam welcomed the new members Pat Kilboy and Nadia Williams to the DCA.
Tony proposed and Fiona seconded the adoption of the minutes of the last meeting that were adopted and signed by Liam.
4/Matters Arising
There were no matters arising.
There was no correspondence.
There have been no changes to the finance this month.
7/ Website.
According to Tony updating of the website is continuing.
8/Dundalk Cycle Lanes
To brief the new members on the position of the DCA Ollan outlined his plan to ease
congestion near the new cycle lanes in town. Ollan, Liam and Nadia will follow up on the
plan with the media. Ollan has sent details of the plan to the Town Engineer. Ollan also gave details of developments in the Castleblaney Road area.
7/Cooley Cycle Lanes
For the benefit of the new members Liam outlined the plans for the cycle lane network in Cooley and the work done connected with it.
10/Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held in Liam’s house from 8:00 to 9:30 on Wednesday 2nd May 2012.
Liam Kieran
Chair of the DCA